Easily manage your base of members & other stakeholders


Open, Private, Invite Only, Paid or Free with many flexible options


A truly social experience taking engagement to a new level


Everything members need to get the information they need


  • Membership Plans - Create various set of plans (Free / One-Trial / Two-Trial / Unlimited / Fixed) with any membership level combination
  • Flexible Subscriptions - Create, update and monitor transactions on every subscription
  • Upgrades & Renewals
  • Customizable Tax Calculations 
  • Flexible Discounting - Create the discounts or coupons you need to drive your association
  • Trial Subscriptions - Increase conversions by allowing your members to try before they buy
  • Powerful Invoicing


A configurable toolset to make your online presence a truly social experience significantly increasing engagement.

  • Activity Stream - Members can post status updates, add videos, add photos, set moods and share their location
  • Profile Stream - Every member is unique. The Profile Page provides a channel for members to express themselves
  • Groups - Groups bring like-minded members together. Members can create groups around their favorite topics, invite others, create discussions and events, and upload photos and videos.
  • Photo Galleries - Members can upload photos to their Activity Stream or create new photo albums.
  • Videos - Members can upload videos or embed them from YouTube, Vimeo or other hosts. Videos can also be added to video albums and displayed in categories for members to like, comment on and share
  • Events - With permission members can create their own events or join existing events and share their ideas on a dedicated stream
  • Privacy Controls - We take privacy seriously. The Assocyate PowerSuite allows your members to choose the privacy level of each post and even modify it later
  • Private Messaging - Users can send private messages to any user. Users can also block other specific users from private messaging them


  • Events Management - Automatic invitations, attendance control, event reminders and much more
  • Check In / Attendance - Manual or automatic check-in / attendance for online or offline events
  • Free and Paid Events
  • Share Files - Interact with one another, share documents, PDF files, image files, audio or video files, zip files and so on for any event
  • Ticket Types - Variable pricing, availability, descriptions and discounts
  • Venues and Geolocation - Create and maintain a list of all venues (description, images, map)
  • Announcements - Get everyone on the same page. Disseminate important information about the event
  • RSVP - Track the number of possible attendees of the event


Everything members need to get the information or help they need, fast.

  • Ticketing - Tickets can be automatically directed to staff based on department, product or category
  • Downloads - Add downloads with access based on time or user groups
  • Knowledge Base - Reduce support requests by creating knowledge base articles
  • Support Staff - Manage your support agents, view stats of their work and add new agents easily
  • Email Notifications - Every time a ticket or a message is created, Support Desk sends email notifications
  • Reports - Run dozens of predefined reports and view them in graphs or charts
  • Issue Tracker - An easy way for your members to let you know of any issues they may be encountering
  • Track Time - Track the time it takes your staff to address tickets


  • Group Chat - Users can choose to have one on one chats with any of their friends on your site
  • User Status - Users can set their chat availability as available, away or invisible
  • File Sending - Upload, preview and send multiple files
  • Conversation History - Maintains chat history for all users with the ability for site administrators to delete
  • Chat Opt Out Privacy - Each user can choose to opt out entirely or opt out of only group chats
  • User Blocking - Additional user privacy is provided with the User Blocking feature
  • Chat Reports - Insights into how people are using the chat feature
  • Permissions Based - Administrators can determine which members have access to chat features
  • Permissions Based - Specify what user groups can participate in commenting and what they can do
  • Geolocation Support - Allows users to tag their own location as they leave a comment
  • Like it or Pin it - You can now pin or give a thumbs-up to featured comments
  • Ratings - Ability rating their audiences' comments
  • Spam Detection - Integrated with leading spam detection tools
  • Flood Control - Prevent spammers or bots from posting comments too quickly on the site

A toolset for using viral invitations and referrals for member acquisition, retention and conversion.

  • User Generated - Invite friends to join a group, participate in an event, view an article etc.
  • Permissions Based - full control on how default Invitations and what Invitation types can be used
  •  Configurable Templates - Completely customisable and configurable by using templates
  • Google Analytics - Add google analytics tracking code to all links
  • Invitation Reminders - automatically or manually send invitation reminders to already invited people
  • Subscriptions Integration - percentage or fixed monetary rewards for renewed user subscriptions
  • Affiliate Integration - monetary or points rewards by using the integration with Affiliate Manager
  • Invitation Report - Detailed stats report of sent invitations
  • Invite Tags  -  Data tags can increase the personalization of invitations

See for yourself the power of applications that seamlessly work together across a single platform

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