A powerful & intuitive visual page


Manage & organize documents & file downloads


Authoring platform to manage many types of blogs


A feature rich Survey toolset that can be utilized across applications


Build complex web content with ease

  • Visual Editing - Real time style changes for pages & modules with no programming needed
  • Powerful Elements - Intuitive & flexible with over 40+ powerful element types to chose from in page creation
  • Responsiveness Control - Real time testing on different devices: desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile
  • Favorite Fonts - Make your choice of best fonts from 600+ Google's fonts that are supported across the web
  • Media Selector - Manage & access your media library as needed
  • History - Keeps a history of changes on the post, making switching between revisions hassle-free


Leverage the power of Blogs to generate & syndicate content

  • Content Blocks - Easy to use drag & drop content builder, simplifying the day to day composing experience
  • History - Keeps a history of changes on the post, making switching between revisions hassle-free
  • Media Manager - Centralize media uploads making file organization easy & accessible
  • Multi-Category Support - Flexibility to assign multiple categories to a single post
  • Access Control - Assign specific rights for different user groups on the site
  • Subscriptions - Your audience can choose to subscribe to the entire blog, favorite authors or even categories
  • Team Blogs - Brainstorm relevant ideas with the team in creating content for your target audience
  • Social Auto-Posting - Automatically publish posts to your social media platforms



Document & download manager to organize files across categories & privately share files with users

  • Batch Process - Upload many files at once & create documents for them with a single click
  • Advanced permissions - Define add, edit, delete, upload and download permissions for categories & documents
  • Real Time Streaming - Built-in player for video & audio streaming
  • Document Indexing - Search for text inside uploaded PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Document Format and many more file formats
  • Document Linking - Easily insert links to documents into pages using the Content Editor
  • Document Submissions - Allow users to submit documents using drag & drop feature with integrated notification support
  • Search - Use a search field and additional filters to make it easier to find desired documents
  • Local & Remote Storage - Files can be hosted locally across multiple folders / subfolders or can be stored on a remote server


An application that lets you ask the right questions & get the right answers

  • Multiple Question Types - Supports images, check boxes, radio buttons, grids, text boxes, rich text boxes & more
  • Advanced Reports - Tools to keep track of your survey with CSV & PDF report download support
  • Conditional Rules - Skip to a page or finalize survey based on the user responses on multipage surveys
  • Nested Categories - Keep survey content organized & manageable with unlimited nested categories
  • Email Notifications - Get informed about new surveys & survey responses as and when are they created
  • Access Control - Control access to surveys by user groups
  • Survey Invitations - Invite participation by email addresses, system & social groups or Marketing Mailing lists
  • Social Features - Points system, activity stream & social sharing



  • Office-like Functions - make formatting simple, create tables, edit styles and more
  • Elements Management - Upload, rename, delete, cut/copy/paste images ant text and insert them into your pages using an intuitive and familiar interface
  • Links Browser - Create Links to Categories, Pages, Blogs, Contact Forms etc. in your site
  • Tab Views - Select views between WYSIWYG, HTML code and Preview modes
  • Integrated Spell Checker - Real time spell checking
  • Files - Create links to files or embed them in pages
  • Images Control - Image editing, resizing and thumbnailing
  • Media Manager - Manage audio and video, and easily embed Youtube & Vimeo videos
  • Source Code Editor - Source code editing with syntax highlighting, tag matching, tag closing and search & replace functions


  • Multiple Poll Types - Single selection radio, multi-selection checkbox, grid polls etc.
  • Multiple Chart Tools - Show the results in bar or pie charts, customizable for each poll & globally
  • Access Control - Define poll access by user groups
  • Nested Categories - Keep poll content organized & manageable with unlimited nested categories
  • Email Notifications - Sends you notifications about new polls, moderated polls or even on receiving new votes
  • Poll Suggestions - Displays related, author, latest, popular & category polls to increase user engagement
  • Multiple Vote Restriction - Restrict multiple votes by using one or more of Cookies, User ids and IP addresses
  • Anonymous Polls - Allow users to vote without revealing their identity
  • Social Features - Points system, activity stream & social sharing
  • Rich Form Builder - Variety of form fields options for building any kind of contact forms
  • Marketing Integration - Capture contact information & add users automatically to mailing lists
  • CRM Integration - Automatically generate new leads in CRM, enabling you to respond to customer requests
  • Flexible Positioning - Present form anywhere on your website to optimize conversion
  • Anti-Spam Mechanism - captcha plugin, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) & SQL injection protection
  • Email Notification - Real-time notification whenever form is submitted
  • Form Data Validation - Instruct submitters to correctly complete form with the built-in rules


  • Automatic Image Resizing - Images will be automatically resized during upload to the predefined dimensions
  • Drag & Drop File Uploads - Drag & drop multiple images / files directly into Files Manager
  • Thumbnail Generation - Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files
  • Previews - Files can be viewed in the browser or in built-in player
  • File Management - Move, copy, rename & delete files & folders
  • Image Editing - Image editing with cropping, rotate, flip etc.


  • Full Media Manager - can be used as a gallery extension, an image manager or a media manager
  • Images and Galleries from Content - manage all images and galleries from the Gallery or from the Content Editor
  • Gallery Themes - Multiple designed themes that can be applied in one click
  • Drag & Drop Interface - Easily move & order images & categories of images
  • Remote Video - Add and manage remote video from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion
  • Image Effects - Apply 30+ effects & filters on images


  • Variety of Content - Present any type of content including Text, Video, Image, Button, Link to other pages
  • Comprehensive Settings - Edit and customize slideshows with comprehensive timeline panel
  • Powerful Presentation - 45+ effects and 20+ transitions for interactive presentation in your website
  • Live Preview - While editing a slideshow, you can preview your work at any time
  • Responsive - Slideshows have responsive design & fast loading speed


See for yourself the power of applications that seamlessly work together across a single platform

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