The power to see more & do more


Leverage forms to acquire & automate on your site & across the web


Retain, convert & engage with our CRM application.


Advance outreach including automated lists, campaigns, & fine grained segmentation


  • User Manager - 360˚ view of user across Membership, Social, CRM, &Marketing
  • Fully Integrated - View attended events, store purchases, directory listings, jobs applications & more
  • Subscriptions - View and manage a user's subscriptions
  • Finances - view of user's financial statements and invoices
  • Social Profile - Manage user social network activity, notifications & privacy rules
  • User Notes - keep the track of notes including support for version history
  • Marketing Profile - Manage email subscriptions, monitor statistics and history & control a user's mailout queue
  • CRM Profile – Assign to user tasks, event workflows & mailing lists. Reply by e-mail to user's form inquiries.


An extensive sales toolset to convert non-members, whilst retaining & delivering more to your current members

  • Contacts & Leads - Helps you effectively track, manage and organize your leads
  • Deal Management - Track all of your deals progress, customer's history, product status and other operational constraints
  • Pipeline Management -  Designate a process of overseeing and directing future sales in various stages
  • User Access - Designed with simple, powerful roles to allow maximum efficiency
  • Team Management - Organize all of your organization's contacts efficiently and share them with the appropriate teams
  • Custom Forms - Create lead and contact forms, including custom fields
  • Custom Reports -  A simple interface to dynamically generate custom reports
  • Customization -  Make the system work the way that suits you
  • Sales Goals - Employ team-based goals creations to help motivate


  • Contact Forms – Customize forms to capture emails address & any other information
  • Popup Web Boxes – Boost conversion rates turning visitors into customers
  • Mailing List Integration – Automatically add users to specific mailing lists
  • Automated Campaigns – Follow-up autoresponder campaigns with personalized emails
  • Campaign Tracking – Monitor open rates & click through activity
  • Lead Management – Automatically add contacts into CRM application


An mailout toolset that leverages the power of automation to let you do more

  • Advanced Statistics - Chart statistics of each mailing, including open rates & advanced click tracking
  • Fully Integrated - Seamless integration with Polls/Surveys, Events, Social, CRM and more
  • Send Process - Queue management, automatic send process, bounce back handling & more
  • Template Management - Customize your own set of templates or import external ones
  • Mass Subscription - Filter users by custom fields, user groups or many other criteria & then subscribe to one or many mailing lists
  • Smart Newsletters - Automatically sent to one or several of your lists at a fixed frequency or set timing
  • Mailing Lists – Full list management capabilities including the automated addition of new subcribers that meet preset criteria
  • Create Newsletters – Create, preview then send using powerful queue system
  • Personalized emails – Include personal information drawing from system wide fields
  • A/B/C Split Testing – Compare newsletters and find the best version to send to your users


Create PDF invoices, send over email, manage contacts and collect online payments

  • Create and Manage Invoices - Create custom invoices and keep track of your business transactions
  • Multiple Payments - Optionally split each bill into multiple payments and set their due dates
  • Fully Integrated - Automatically create invoices when orders are placed in Store, Subscriptions, Events etc.
  • Quotes - Create quotes (estimates) for your clients
  • Recurring Billing - Recurring invoices to automate your invoice creation process
  • Online Invoices - Allow your users to see their invoices right on their profile page
  • Manage Contacts - Save Contacts information for quick and easy future invoice creation
  • CSV and Excel export - Export your list of invoices or payments into CSV files
  • Cashbook Integration - Automatically create expenses or income entries in Cashbook application as new invoices or payments are created

Keep track of your business expenses & income

  • Multiple Accounts - Create multiple independent accounts for different users
  • Keep it Together - Keep all information together with a lot of fields such as tax, external references, description & more
  • Advanced Filters- Configurable filters for expenses & payments
  • Define Your Own Accounts - Assign expenses to different accounts (Credit Card, Cash...)
  • All-in-one View - Manage everything from a single page: expenses, income, totals, graphics, filters
  • Recurring Expenses - Create recurring expenses to automate your expense creation process
  • User Access Control - Define which user groups can view and add entries
  • CSV and Excel Export - Export your list of expenses and income into CSV for easy integration with your accounting system

Powerful & flexible custom reporting options which give you a complete picture of your association.

  • Nested Categories - With unlimited nested categories support, organize content in better way
  • Multiple Databases - Support using multiple databases for loading reports data
  • SQL Queries - Create reports by entering SQL query with explained results
  • Customizing Filters - Configurable filters for reports using many different types
  • Advanced Search - Ability to search in reports and download selected rows only if so desired
  • Download Reports - Reports can be downloaded in configurable CSV, XLS, XLSX, PDF, HTML and XML formats
  • Customizing Views - Rich customization of report views, HTML, XLS and XLSX formats (borders, colors, backgrounds etc)
  • Access Control - Access levels for categories of reports, available formats and columns
  • Page Integration - Ability to embed reports into pages

Tap the power of affiliates to increase revenues and site traffic.

  • Affiliate Manager - Marketing tool to increase traffic to your site and increase revenues
  • Fully integrated - Integrates with other site applications including Subscriptions, Store etc.
  • Full Control - Approve (or not) new accounts, new conversions, and set the commission manually or automatically
  • Multi Level Affiliates - Support for multi-level or multi-tier affiliates for hierarchical relations
  • Marketing Material - Provide affiliates marketing material to place banners on their websites
  • Affiliates Dashboard - Affiliate page to view traffic generated, commissions earned, payment history etc.
  • Pay your Affiliates Online - Create payouts and pay your affiliates whenever you want
A fully functional project management tool that allows members, staff & other key stakeholders to participate in projects.
  • Define Milestones - Flexible milestone creation to promote timely completion & keep on top of priorities
  • Task Lists - Tasks are grouped in lists and changes are real time
  • Centralized Discussions - Team conversations for reference & records
  • File Manager - Keeps track of all project files & attach them to projects, milestones, tasks and discussions
  • Billable Tasks - Keep track of every minute spent on tasks, whether billable or not
  • Gantt Chart - Displays the active project's milestones, task lists and task


See for yourself the power of applications that seamlessly work together across a single platform

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