Continual learning for your members, additional revenue stream for you


Full control over member business listings


Easily sell anything to your


Raise funds for causes or projects


Add value for your members (or non members) by offering online courses

  • Courses - Create unlimited online courses with modules & lessons
  • Lessons - Add lessons to your learning modules with media, text, files, links & more
  • Media Library - Add any type of media to your media library: video, audio, text, files
  • Commissions System - Set teacher commissions, track sales & pay teachers easily
  • Forum & Comments - Students can comment on lessons & ask questions in the forum
  • Certificates - Ability to issue custom certificates on course completion
  • Subscription Plans - Set up subscription plans based on days/months/years or create unlimited access
  • Quizzes/Final Exams - Add quizzes throughout your courses to test student understanding of the material


Make it easy for members (or non members) to purchase anything from your association

  • Multiple Store Support - A seller/vendor can create 1 or more stores on your association website
  • Multiple Currency Support - Specify product pricing in multiple currencies
  • Tax Configuration - Zones can be created to group countries and regions with similar taxation rules
  • Shipping Configuration - Create shipping profiles that combine multiple shipping methods making it easier for store owners to keep track of shipments
  • Payment Gateways - Multiple payment gateways to make handling your payments easy
  • Multiple Product Attributes - Define any number of product attributes with positive/negative price impact
  • Stock Management - Ability to specify stock quantities for products and automatically subtract quantities on successful sales
  • Coupon Management - Flexible Coupon management with the ability to create both absolute and percentage value coupons
  • Email Notification - Email notifications to keep you up-to-date on store changes



Tools to help you & your members raise funds for the causes or projects

  • Campaigns - With permission users can create multiple fund raising projects or campaigns
  • Approval Workflow - Ability to ensure users are adhering to site's goals & policies
  • Categorized & Featured - Unlimited nested categories that can be marked as featured to give additional focus
  • Give Backs and Rewards - Let your campaign owners setup rewards for donors or investors
  • Advanced Search Options - Many filtering and sorting options help users find the campaigns they want
  • Streamlined Options - Streamlined checkout process with guest donations, silent registration to ensure maximum conversion
  • Extensive Reports - Donations, payout reports & more for administrators and campaign owners
  • Campaign Photo Gallery - Add multiple images to the campaign & show them in a gallery layout with effects



A powerful feature rich, SEO optimized Directory application

  • Multiple Categories - Assigning a listing to two or more categories allows a single copy of a listing to appear in multiple directories
  • Media Support - Photos, gallery & videos display for listings
  • Ratings & Reviews - Users can submit their reviews to listings or give it a 1-5 star rating
  • Tags - Taggable custom fields allowing you to organize your information using keywords
  • Google Maps Support - Addresses are geocoded and displayed on a map
  • Custom Fields - Create custom fields for any directory
  • Listing Plans - Define the price (free/paid), recurring option, duration, expiration date and fallback settings
  • Featured Listings - Provide featured links for free, or charge a fee



Classifieds can be provided as a free or paid service to your users - think of it like a dedicated craigslist for your association

  • Classified Adverts - Create any type of free or paid adverts, auto published or manually reviewed by the administrator
  • Extra fields - Set unlimited types of custom fields to sort into desired areas
  • Categories - Set individual rates per category
  • Featured Listings - The option to charge for moving an advert to the top of the list
  • Videos & Images - Support for Youtube & Vimeo, and ability to edit & place images
  • Advanced Search - Filter listings by type, category, city, region etc.


Auction selling options for within your member community

  • Access Control- Auctions created by admin or by members with persmission
  • Price Reserve - A hidden minimum price that the seller is willing to accept for an item
  • Buy Now - A price that allows users to make an immediate purchase
  • Bid Limits - Set minimal and maximal bids
  • Auction Filters - Let buyers search for only adverts with auctions
  • Auction Timer/Countdown - Watch and manage your online auctions
  • Classifieds Integration - Add auction option to Classifieds listings


A place for employers to post jobs, & for potential employees to find one.

  • Custom Fields - Add extra fields to any section - seeker profile, company profile, jobs, replies
  • Notifications - Auto notifications of newly added jobs based on user preferred fields / locations / contract types
  • Applicant Suggestions - Listing of applicants for particular jobs
  • Listings Plans - Define the price (free/paid), recurring option, duration, expiration date & discount settings
  • Directory Listing - Employer companies can be listed in  Directories with option to add images, videos, file sharing, maps & more
  • Portal Panels - Simple & effective control panels for employers & job seekers including resume upload


Reverse Auctions are similar to what you find on large freelancing websites - a project can be posted & users can submit tenders to complete it

  • Project Options - Create projects with several upgrade options such as Featured, Urgent, Private, Sealed & NDA
  • Auction Options - Compare prices, select bidders, approve completed projects & release payments
  • Notifications - A rich notification system keeps stakeholders updated
  • Custom Fields - Collect any type pf user data that is relevant for the type of projects posted
  • Portfolio - Allow users to create a professional profile to effectively showcase skills
  • Public Clarification Board - Every project page has the option to allow users to interact & get clear of the project details


A powerful advertising application allows for the placement of ads across your site including User Network

  • Multiple Targeting Options - A wide array of targeted and untargeted ad options
  • Contextual or Keyword Targeting - Choose to show ads on pages that contain certain keywords
  • Geo Targeting - Choose location variables like country, city, postal code etc.
  • Social Targeting - Target ads according to demographic information such as gender, location, interests
  • Ads In-Email - Deliver ads within emails
  • Zones - define what kind of ads can be placed in a certain parts of your site


See for yourself the power of applications that seamlessly work together across a single platform

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