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When function meets innovation wonderful things happen. If you want to increase community engagement, streamline your operations, generate new revenues, and produce meaningful new data then you need to take a look at Assocyate.

Imagine a dashboard with all the apps you need, as well as all the apps that would be 'nice to have'. Each one is fully functional, simple to use, and yet complex enough to adapt to your unique needs. Finally, imagine that these apps genuinely work with each other, seamlessly sharing data and functionality across your platform.


Apps to team up with your community

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Apps for you to deliver key services online

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Apps to streamline & turbo charge the way you operate

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Apps for modern content generation & delivery

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See for yourself the power of applications that seamlessly work together across a single platform

Assocyate PowerSuite Overview

Some of the many applications at your fingertips to run within your community. With new features and applications being added all the time, there is no need to worry about expensive work requests or upgrade cycles.

Associations are Who We Serve

Associations are our focus. We know you come with your own unique needs and workflows. Some have a regulatory mandate, other’s not. Some have compulsory membership based on the practice of a profession, whereas others must sell the worth of their service to acquire each and every member. Some do courses online / offline, apprenticeships, events casual or formal, sell things, publish data, grant licenses, have restrictions on where their data can be stored… you know exactly what we are talking about!


It is for these reasons that we tailor each and every implementation and keep an open mind throughout the process. Our platform is flexible and our listening ears are always on.


About Us

We are a passionate group of people who believe that communities should exist online in the same natural and intuitive way that they exist offline. It is more than just managing membership, registering for events, taking courses or any of the other typical functions... it is the provision of an environment that will have your community as comfortable and engaged online as if they were all meeting over a good meal.

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Our mission


Say goodbye to the headaches of hardware and expensive version upgrade cycles.
Our vision

Cloud Based

Hosted in the cloud in the geographical location of your choice.

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The best software is simple in its approach and profound in its impact.
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